Monday, February 15, 2016

Info!- 9mm Tracers from Polycase

If you're like me, you browse around gun shows and online retailers and you come across some special ammo or accessory or other random whatnot, and you think to yourself, "I wonder if that really works? Because man, if it did, that'd be like the dopest ever!" 

So I'm going to try and review some stuff like that as we come across it. 

You probably saw in our Couch video that we're using tracer ammo. Now, I'd seen YouTube videos from folks using 9mm tracer ammo here and there, but never did anyone mention where they got it other than "a dealer at a gun show", or something similarly useless. I thought using some tracer ammo would give a nice visual for the video and I was determined to find some. 

There are several different kinds of 9mm tracers floating around out there. I considered the G2 tracer, but didn't go with it after I read about the technology and how it works because I thought it'd look bad on camera. Then I ran across the PolyCase Interceptor Firefly and thought I'd give it a shot- pun intended. 

I ended up getting very lucky right off the bat with my first try. 

At the time of writing, that box of tracers will set you back about $25 from Munire USA. Note- one, you're only getting 25 rounds rather than the standard 9mm box of 50. 

Second, they are round nose. The cartridge on the left is a bog standard, Blazer 9mm round, the one on the right is a Hornady Critical Defense. In the middle is the Firefly. 

Like 5.56 tracers I've purchased a gun shows, the primer end of the case is painted red to help you differentiate between your buck a piece tracers and your normal 9mm rounds. 

Unlike 5.56 tracers, you don't have to let the round fly 100 yards before the tracer kicks in. If you've watched the Couch video, you know what I mean- these things are burning as soon as they leave your muzzle. 

So the burning question- how did they do? 

Well, the Scorpion ate them just fine, but my CZ P-07 Duty absolutely choked on one. Like lodged in the barrel and had to be pulled out with pliers choked on it. Full disclosure, it could have been the fact that we were shooting video in the rain, the gun was dirty, or whatever but that was literally the first time I've ever had any trouble with that pistol. I've fed hundreds of rounds of Remington white box, Remington UMC, Wolf steel case, Blazer, and all kinds of other stuff through there and never had any issues with failure to feed or failure to eject until I tried to shoot a few Fireflies through it. I don't know if the round I used was a little out of spec size-wise or the Duty doesn't do well with round tips or what, but like I said- I had to actually pull the unfired cartridge through the ejection port with a pair of pliers to get it unstuck from the barrel. 

That said, as you know if you've seen the video, D Train and Jeffro had no issue feeding or firing it through their Glocks (cue the GLOCKS R BEST!!!!ONE!!!! guys). 

The Polycase site mentions that the Firefly Interceptors are made to have less recoil, be precise, and are made of "advanced materials" to prevent fouling. The Scorpion doesn't recoil much anyway so I didn't really notice anything there (site says it's 81 grain @ 1425 fps). The bullet itself feels kinda strange- almost like it's a polymer or something. I didn't mess around with it to see, but it definitely wasn't lead or a brass jacket. 

In any case, if you're on the fence about buying some. I'd say pick up a box and see if they work in your weapon of choice. If they feed and eject properly, they really are a hoot to shoot! And follow that link from us up there if you pick them up from Munire (I found no other sites had them cheaper) and maybe they'll give us a sponsorship or something. 

They do have their uses as well. As you can see in the pic above, in my "Uh oh!" magazine I keep for special "Uh oh!" situations, I have Fireflies in the 20th, 26th, 28th, and 30th and the rest are Critical Duty. The idea of course being I hopefully realize I'm running low when I start seeing the tracers pop out. 

Lastly, if 9mm ain't your poison, you can also buy Firefly Interceptors in .380, .40, and .45. 

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