Who are the EPO? I mean, who are they really?

Cid aka Clint Weisgerber

Yeah, that's actually the wife's camera

Clint grew up in rural Southern Illinois and while his parents wisely didn't allow him access to firearms, he had the biggest BB gun collection on the block. And throwing star collection. And dart collection. And fireworks collection. And a bow and arrow. And a blowgun. And... well you get the idea. He was that guy in the back row of Algebra III that was busy reading The Anarchist's Cookbook "for research purposes" and brushing his skater hair out of his eyes instead of paying attention. 

He and his friends entertained themselves while growing up by playing role-playing games, starting and breaking up bands, and making stupid movies with somebody's parents' video camera.

Me on LP Field after a US Soccer match back in 2011

After having some success with a website dedicated to the X-Wing Miniatures game called TheMetalBikini.com, Clint got the idea of combining two of his longtime loves- comedy and firearms and approached friends and co-workers Dwain and Jeff with what was a very rough version of the story idea for "Couch" after Jeff had mentioned he had an old couch his wife was wanting him to burn in their trash pile during a particularly fateful lunch hour. 

Clint is happily married with a couple of kiddos and currently resides in Evansville, Indiana. He works as a Maintenance Manager at a place that makes car parts. Or more accurately, manages the guys who fix the machines that make car parts for another place that makes cars. In addition to guns and making stupid movies, he also digs board games, hockey, soccer/ football, and making random toys and whatnot out of stuff lying around the house for his kids.

You can read up on his personal thoughts and musings on G+ here or on Twitter here. He doesn't really do the whole Facebook thing, though he does have an account out there which he never actually checks. Clint is also the CEO of EPO Tactical, Inc., maintains the EPO Tactical Twitter feed in addition to most of the heavy lifting for the EPO Tactical website and EPO Tactical YouTube channel. 

D-Train aka Dwain Short

It was a good day at the range.

Dwain grew up on a family farm in south-central Kentucky, better known as Cave Country.  In his younger, skinnier days, he loved exploring the caves and trails of Mammoth Cave National Park, and the woods and hills on their farm with his grandfather.  He developed his interest in guns around the age of 9 or 10 when his grandpa first taught him how to shoot with an old .22 rifle.  He's held on to that rifle over the years, and to this day it's one of his favorite possessions.

You never forget your first.

His personality as a kid was kind of unusual: a little country, a little geeky, and a little nerdy.  He never really got into hunting, but loved any type of sport shooting he could try: targets, clays, Coke cans, you name it.  He loved computers and playing video games: Commodore 64, Atari, Nintendo, Gameboy, Sega, anything with a controller and buttons.  He was the last one picked at school to play ball, but the first one asked to copy homework or tests.

Like any kid on a farm, he was always near his trusty Daisy BB Gun (he still has that one, too).  He would spend hours at a time with that Daisy and his GI Joe, He-Man, and Transformers toys.  They never stood a chance against him.

Daisy has seen better days.

After childhood came the growing up part of life.  He tried college, jobs, marriage, the whole nine yards, and didn't have much time to devote to hobbies.  All that changed when he met his new hero (not really), Jack Bauer, from the hit series 24.  He knew he could never really be as tough as Jack, but that he COULD have Jack's pistol.  So the next afternoon he set off to Gander Mountain to buy his very own Sig P228.  To his surprise, he instead left the store with an FNS-9 by FN Herstal after the salesman had him compare trigger pulls between the two pistols.  To this day, it's still one of his favorite pistols of all time.  If it were only a little smaller, it would be his EDC pistol.

The FNS-9. You can drive nails with this thing.

The rest is history... The FNS-9 led to a couple more pistols, which led to a couple more "toys," which led to the creation of a nice little collection.  He still plays video games once in awhile, and loves the Atlanta Braves and Drew Estate cigars.  Dwain is the Materials Manager at the same car parts place that Clint talks about above, and lives in Evansville with his beautiful wife and two kids. He is the EPO CFO and maintains our G+ feed.

Dwain meeting Jonathan Drew (Drew Estate Cigars) at Cigar! Cigar! in Evansville, IN

Jeffro, aka Cap'n Jeffro, aka Jeff Schmidt

(Combination of my two favorite things)

Jeff grew up in South Carolina, and always had two passions, dismantling his toys, and guns.  He loved to figure out what makes them work. He had a knack for this, well at least taking them apart.  Putting them back in the right order was a different story. 

He had an opportunity to learn how to build Personal Computers with an Uncle who worked for IBM in Atlanta. After spending the summer in Atlanta he came back home to build his computer business. The business was quickly overrun with fly-by-night computer stores selling cheaper parts/systems than he could, so the business went bust, but his desire didn't. He pursued his second passion…Girls! No wait, I mean Guns!

First Brand New Handgun G19

His fascination with firearms never went away.  Of course his mother would put her foot down when he suggested a BB/Pellet gun for Christmas, but after saving many birthday, Christmas, and lawn mowing monies, he finally purchased himself a Daisy. Then another Daisy, then a Crossman pellet rifle, then a Crossman pistol, Co2 pistol,..you see where this is going.

Growing up in the burbs doesn't give a boy many target opportunities to practice, so he would take aim at the squirrels, trash cans, trees, lawn ornaments, the neighbor’s cats, whatever. After being accused of shooting the neighbor's daughter across the street, (til this day he still claims it was his Evil Twin) he lost all privileges to firearms. 

Moving to Indiana on a job transfer, he decided to pursue his passion once again. It was always a dream of his and his wife to have a couple of acres, and Jeff wanted his own shooting range. So he moved his family to God's Country... The lifelong dream of living in the country was now a reality.

Jeff is the famous, or infamous, "IT Guy" at the above mentioned car parts factory, lives in the small town of Poseyville, working on his shooting range "Jeff Brush." Jeff is Vice President of EPO Tactical, Inc. and maintains our Facebook. 

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